PIP (Parent Involvement Program)

St. Edward on-the-Lake School encourages parents’ active participation in the education of their children. To this end, we have implemented a Parental Involvement Program, whereby parents can contribute their time, talents and treasures to promote and perpetuate the educational objectives of our school. In order to meet the increasing financial burdens the declining economy has put on the school, you will find that the majority of the PIP hours fall under the fundraising category. It is imperative that our parents help us to meet our annual fundraising goals so that we are able to maintain our low tuition rates AND keep the school technologically up to date, keep our educational materials relevant, our school well represented to the public (i.e. marketing) and our PTO operational.

We ask that every parent contribute their:

  1. Time by participating in fundraising activities and the daily activities of the school.
  2. Talents by leading school enrichment activities or enhancing the school grounds or buildings.
  3. Treasures by contributing financially and/or materially to the school and the programs established to enrich our children’s education.

The Basic Requirements for parental involvement include:

  1. Bingo Commitment
  2. Parental Involvement Program

Bingo Commitment – Mandatory Bingo requirements are NOT part of the PIP program.

  • Two parent families have one parent/adult working 3 separate Bingos OR have both parents working together for 1 and 1 parent for the second Bingo (15 hours). If you have 2 parents/adults work 2 Bingos then you would satisfy your Bingo requirement AND 5 of your PIP hours AND earn a Free Dress day for your child(ren).
  • Single parent families work 2 Bingos (10 hours)

The profits made from the Bingo nights provide thousands of dollars each year to help run our school and to help keep our tuition affordable. Failure to work your scheduled Bingo (or to provide a substitute) will result in an automatic $50 charge to your tuition account. If you prefer to hire a substitute to work your Bingo(s) and do not know of anyone 18 years or older who would be willing to do that, contact the office for possible substitute contact information (you would be responsible for payment of $50 to that person). A parent volunteer will be contacting you to schedule your date(s), if you did not specify a date in your registration material.

Parental Involvement Program (PIP) (Kinder-5th Grade) –

  • Each two parent family is required to work 15 PIP hours. (Bingo is not part of these 15 hours).
  • Single parent families are required to work 10 PIP hours. . (Bingo is not part of these 10 hours).
  • Half of your PIP hours or payment needs to be in by January 30th or the end of the second quarter.
  • For planning purposes you must specify each year how you would like to earn your PIP hours on the sign-up sheet provided to you before the school year begins. The school will do its best to see that you get the activities that you choose, but we cannot guarantee them as some of the slots fill up more quickly than others.
  • Simply attending a meeting does not apply toward your PIP Requirement.
  • Chaperoning a school field trip, helping with after school activities and individual classroom fundraising (i.e. 5th grade class trip) may not be included in your annual PIP requirement as these events cannot be included as necessary to the school’s operation.
  • If your family is unable to fulfill this commitment, contributing money in lieu of service hours (at a rate of $15 per hour) is available, but highly discouraged ~ our goal is 100% participation.

You are responsible for filling out your own PIP slips (available in the office). The slips must be signed by the Principal or the coordinator of the specific event worked, or they will be returned to you for completion. A tally of your hours will be provided at report card time each quarter and any unworked hours will be added to your tuition account during the 4th quarter ($15/PIP hour that is not worked). See your Parent/Student Handbook for further details.

Examples of PIP Hours:

  • Lunch Duty: 11:30am-12:30pm/ M-F (1 PIP Hour/Day)
  • PTO Fundraising Activities and Administrative Positions (Santa Shop Coordinator, Walk-a-Thon Coordinator, Catalog Sales or Catalog Sales Coordinator, Book Fair Coordinator, Custom Classroom Art for Auction Coordinators, PTO President, PTO Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer positions, etc.)
  • Marketing Committee Activities (School and Event Advertising, Coordinating Brochure Design)
  • Children’s Fund Activities (Scrip Team, Dinner Volunteer, etc.)
  • Office Fundraisers (Box Top Collections Coordinator, Extra Lucky Star Raffle Ticket Sales, etc.)
  • School Committee Activities and Administrative Positions (School Improvement Programs, Family Love Committee, PIP Hours Coordinator, Secretary Position, Grant Coordinator, etc.)
  • School Grounds (Clean-Up, Painting of Parking Lot and Light Poles, Clearing Trees, Raking Leaves, Rototilling the playground, or any work that saves the school money and enhances the school environment)

Any hour worked = 1 PIP Hour (i.e. Lunch duty = 1 pip hour). If you have any ideas that are not listed above but raise money for the benefit of the entire school (or save the school money), please discuss them with the Principal.

Administration, with full support of the School Committee, believes this policy will broaden student support, build a greater sense of community, enhance the quality of Catholic education, and partner parents and school personnel to work together to increase excellence.   When all of our families invest time, we build our community, create an environment that supports love and charity, and move closer to becoming a school of greatness. We look forward to building this partnership!