Preschool: Please see Preschool Handbook


Company: SchoolBelles

Schoolbelles’ website:  www.schoolbelles.com 

Our school code is S1145

Girls:  Kindergarten through Second Grade

Girls’ Jumper

Plaid uniform jumper (not skirts) in St. Edward’s color code from Schoolbelles in several different styles.

Girls: 3rd-5th Grades

Plaid jumper (several styles), plaid skirt or skort only from Schoolbelles.

Dress Code:  Boys & Girls Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

  1. Shirts/blouses are to be white or navy blue, button down dress shirts, long or short sleeve. Students may also wear white or navy-blue turtlenecks and polo shirts, which must be tucked inCollared shirts or turtlenecks must be worn under sweaters or St. Edward sweatshirts.
  2. Pants/slacks are to be solid navy blue and full-length, this includes corduroys. (No Sweat pants, leggings, cargo pants, cotton knit pants) If belts are worn, they must be solid color (black, brown or blue).
  3. Sweaters are to be solid navy blue, gray or white, knitted cardigan, pullover, or vest style. No monograms.  Sweaters should end above the hip line.
  4. Socks are to be solid navy blue, white, gray or black. Girls may wear leggings or tights under their uniforms, not as uniform pants. These must be solid colors…black, navy, gray, or white. Socks must be worn with pants.  Low-style athletic socks may not be worn.
  5. Jewelry: Boys may wear a single chain but no earrings.  Girls may wear small, single necklace or bracelet and pierced earrings.  Earrings must be small, appropriate and not dangling.
  6. Shoes: brown, navy, or black dress shoes or (K-2nd) athletic shoes


Tennis shoes must be worn for gym class.  These can be left in the classroom.

  1. Uniform shorts may be substituted for the jumper or slacks during the months of                                                         August, September, May and June. (Fingertip length)
  2. It is a good idea to have the girls wear shorts or bike pants under their uniform skirts if                                      they are not wearing tights or leggings.

All Students

  1. Students are always to try to be neat, clean and appropriately attired as well as modestly dressed.
  2. Socks must always be worn.
  3. If a sweater is worn over a blouse or shirt, the collar must be visible.
  4. A “Free Dress Day” will be held on the last school day of each month. On this day, students may wear appropriate clothes of their choice.
  5. No items of clothing (T-shirts) will make reference to drugs, alcohol or other unacceptable behaviors.
  6. On gym day, students will be allowed to wear plain/solid navy sweatpants and a plain/navy sweatshirt or t-shirt (or our logo wear).
  7. No hats indoors.

On non-uniform days – only fingertip length shorts are acceptable.  Spandex shorts, midriff tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, or spaghetti strap tops are not acceptable.

  1. Children may wear Logo t-shirts for gym class. They may also wear Logo sweatshirt with the uniform shirt underneath.
  2. No extreme hairstyle colors will be allowed.
  3. No make-up, fingernail polish, or tattoos at any time.

Enforcement of the Dress Code:  If a student comes to school improperly dressed, the following will occur:  a call home to bring different clothing or we will try to provide appropriate attire for the day.