Why Give?


 It is often said that some of the best presents come in small packages.  That’s certainly true of St. Edward School; it’s a wonderful gift to our community, but it’s small… smaller than it should be – and you can help change that.

We have a great product to provide:  motivated and high-achieving students, dedicated teachers, great parental involvement, a strong sense of community and school spirit, a fabulous working arrangement with McCormick Catholic Academy at St. Mary’s and with all the neighboring Catholic parishes, and an enduring commitment to that Catholic Faith taught and preserved by the Church since the time of the apostles.  Our only real weakness is not having the opportunity to share ourselves with enough students – and that’s truly a shame, considering the quality of our educational program.  With your help, however, we can attract more children and families to our school.

Some of our current school families struggle to pay tuition, and there are many other families who would love to be able to provide a Catholic education for their children – but finances prevent this.  That’s why we have established our Tuition Scholarship & Endowment Program; money should never be the reason a deserving child is unable to attend our school.

Your contribution and assistance will not only help create a legacy that will live on in the students able to attend St. Edward’s because of you; you will also be ensuring that, when you see Jesus face to face, you’ll be able to tell Him that you did your part in obeying His command to help spread the Good News throughout the earth (cf. Matt. 28: 19-20).

Thank you for your kind consideration of these giving opportunities, and may God bless you and your loved ones now and forever.


Rev. Lee Acervo

Giving Options at St. Edward on-the- Lake Elementary School:

Children’s Fund:   Fund established to help meet unforeseen or emergency school expenses.  Funds contributed in the past have been used for expenses such as school bus repairs and school building roof repairs.  One time donations of any amount are welcome.

Tuition Scholarship:   All funds are used specifically for tuition scholarships. Any funds not allocated in the given academic year, are automatically transferred into the Endowment.  Suggested 3-5 year commitment of $5000.00 donation per year.

Endowment Program:  Funds will only be used in an emergency or after 3-5 years and then only a portion of the interest will be used for operations.  We expect to grow the endowment to ensure the provision of an authentic Catholic education to future students of St. Edward School, for many years to come.  Donations of any amount, over any time period are welcome.

For specific information regarding the financial structure of the Tuition Scholarship and Endowment Program, please contact the parish office at (810) 385-4340.

A representative of the program will be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.